Acronyms to Know

REC Foundation Acronyms

AP Autonomous Point (VRC & VEX U)
AWP Autonomous Win Point (VRC & VEX U)
CAD Computer Aided Design
DORO Director of Regional Operations
DQ Disqualification


Event Engagement Manager


Event Partner


Event Support Specialist

GDC Game Design Committee
GP Girl Powered
LRT Live Remote Tournament
NGF Northrop Grumman Foundation, presenting sponsor for VEX World Championship
RECF Robotics Education & Competition Foundation
RSM Regional Support Manager (some are EEMs or TEMs)
SP Strength of Schedule Point (VEX & VEX U)
STEM Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
TEM Team Engagement Manager
TM Tournament Manager, the software that runs all aspects of the competition
V5 VEX V5 metal robotics platform, used with VRC and VEX U
VAIC VEX AI Competition, for High School and University students
VEX Not an acronym! Just a cool name. We get asked this a lot.
VEX U VEX University Competition, for University/College students
VGOC VEX GO Competition, for grades 3-5
VIQC VEX IQ Competition, for Elementary School (12 and younger) and Middle School (15 and younger) students
VRC VEX Robotics Competition, for Middle School (15 and younger) and High School (19 and younger) students
WP Either Win Point (most VRC & VEX U competitions) or Win Percentage (replaces Win Points in leagues)