Getting VEX U Help and Support

REC Foundation Help and Support


You are already in one of the knowledge bases at  Use the search option at the top of the page to find articles and information about Starting Teams, Competitions, Robots, Coding, and Events.

Team Engagement Manager

Your Team Engagement Manager (TEM) can be a mentor's best friend. Reach out directly to them any time you have questions. To find your TEM, go to the Support Page and click on your region.

Professional Development for Coaches

Connect with experts, watch videos and learn more at Coach PD+.  VEX PD+ for REC Coaches has a Community forum where you can ask questions and get advice from other team coaches.

Local Teams

Ask your TEM to connect you with a local coach who can act as a mentor. 

You can also search for teams in your area on the Robot Events Map.

  1. Go to the Robot Events Map.
  2. Select Teams at the bottom of the form.
  3. Select your program and the correct season.
  4. Zoom in on the map to find the names of other local teams.
  5. Search for their school/club contact information on the internet.

VEX Training, Help, and Support

VEX Certifications

The free VEX Certification System offers training courses for educators and volunteers. Each course includes lessons, practice exams, and certifications that demonstrate your understanding of the course's material. Certified learners gain access to a growing community of users and resources in a variety of Professional Learning Communities. The VEX Certification System is available to all users at no cost.

VEX STEM Library

Visit to get help specifically designed for people new to VEX.

The VEX STEM Library contains documentation and articles on using VEX products.

  • VEX documentation
  • Getting started with VEX
  • Robot design and engineering
  • Coding tips and techniques
  • STEM fundamentals
  • All online at

VEX Technical Support


VEX Technical support can be contacted via chat at

  1. Look for the red help bubble.
  2. Type in your question.
  3. An AI Bot will give you likely answers.
  4. If you want to chat with a human, click on 'Get In Touch'



  • Call 833-297-6268 for customer & technical support.

US and International Support

Community Help and Support

VEX Forum

The official VEX Forum provides a centralized platform for discussions about VEX products and competitions.

Unofficial VEX Competition and Education Facebook Groups

A wide variety of VEX Competition and VEX Education groups exist on Facebook, and most can be found easily in a search of Facebook Groups. These communities include groups targeted to specific geographic regions, volunteer roles, competition platforms, and more, and are an excellent place to find and share ideas.